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These notes are based on lecturing done over nearly 40 years (1966 – 2005) at the University of East London (UEL), and, since 2008, for the Workers’ Education Association (WEA). The older notes cover mainly political philosophy and the study of social movements.


Recently there is more widespread awareness of the crisis facing the natural environment. My activities are increasingly devoted to this, for the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA), through Friends of the Earth, and in guest lectures.


These notes are in three groups:


(i) current teaching, below             (ii) archive of previously taught courses                (iii) 'imagining other' - an explanation


(i) Current teaching:


WEA course: ‘Protecting the Planet’


Week 1:                Introduction

Weeks 2 & 3:        some key industries        energy policies

Week 4 & 5:         some cases and solutions

Week 6:                global warming: causes and controversy

Week 7:                global warming: effects

Week 8:                species decline

Week 9:                strategies

Week 10:              the environment movement


Updates (from 2018): updates (New!)


Talks and Guest Lectures:



Guest Lectures for London School of Management Education:               Our Responsibility for Our Environment (1) (Friday 1st March 2019)


                                                                                                                                      Plastics - the Big Picture (Friday 24th May 2019) 


Talk on Friends of the Earth (for U3a):                                                   Friends of the Earth




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