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& Protecting the Planet


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There is a widespread awareness of the crisis facing the natural environment. Since retirement, my activities are increasingly devoted to this, as a tutor for the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA), through Friends of the Earth (Havering *), and in guest lectures.



(i) WEA & Wellcome Trust online course: “ ‘Wellcome’... to the Science of Protecting the Planet”:



                1:            Introduction - a growing awareness of environmental problems

                2:             Industries.   And:     Some case studies: (air pollution, soil, bees)

                3:             Plastics   

4:             Biodiversity and species decline

                5:             Causes of global warming

                6:             Effects of global warming



(ii) WEA course for branches (Writtle, Jan 2017; Wickford  Oct 2017; Danbury Sep 2019) “Protecting the Planet”:                 



1:                Introduction

2:               Some key industries

3:               Species decline

4:                Some cases and solutions

5.                Global warming: causes and controversy

6:                Global warming: effects

7:                Strategies for action 

8:                [Economics – not yet written up]

9:                Energy policies     Energy policies extra notes

10:              The environment movement



(iii) Talks and Guest Lectures:



Guest Lectures for London School of Management Education:               Our Responsibility for Our Environment (1) (Friday 1st March 2019)


                                                                                                                                      Plastics - the Big Picture   (Friday 24th May 2019 & Tues 3rd March 2020).



(iv) (*) Friends of the Earth:


Introductory talk on Friends of the Earth (for U3a, and Harwood Probus):            Friends of the Earth 



FaceBook page for Havering Friends of the Earth: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1652661825047271/?ref=bookmarks






There are two more sections to these pages:  archive of previously taught courses            'imagining other' - an explanation


These notes are based on lecturing done over nearly 40 years (1966 – 2005) at the University of East London (UEL).

The notes cover mainly political philosophy (including my own views), and the study of social movements.


Comments on these pages are welcome, to ian_michael_pirie@btinternet.com