Karl Marx 1818 1883

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(as in Selected Writings, ed. D. McLellan, 1977):


1. 1837 - 44


Towards a Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right: dialectic, bureaucracy

Introduction to Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right: critique of religion, weapon of criticism, class with radical chains, philosophy must realise itself

Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts: alienated labour, critique of political economy, alienation and objectification, private property, communism as humanism,

Hegel's errors, on money

On James Mill: production and human relationships


2. 1844 - 47


The Holy Family: alienation and the proletariat, materialism and socialism

Theses on Feuerbach: new materialism, changing the world, social humanity

German Ideology: materialist method, forms of ownership, consciousness and life-processes, ideology, productive forces and the nature of society,

division of labour and contradictions in society, ruling ideas, appropriation of totality of instruments of production

Poverty of Philosophy: end of classes


1848 and after


Communist Manifesto: history, communist movement, private property

Wage-Labour and Capital: commodity and cost of production, cost of production of labour, immiserisation

Class Struggles in France...


1857 - 67 (the "Economics")


Grundrisse: social character of production, alienated labour, automation, free time

Preface to Critique of Political Economy: social relations and production

Theories of Surplus Value: alienated labour, Ricardo

Capital Vol 1: use/exchange value, fetishism of commodities, sale of labour power, accumulation (Vol 3): tendency of rate of profit to decline


1864 - 82


Civil War in France: Paris Commune

Preface to Second Edition of Communist Manifesto: not a ready-made state to take over

Letter to Bakunin: dictatorship of proletariat

Critique of Gotha Programme: stages of communism

Letter to Mikhailovsky: "historical sketch, not a historico-philosophical theory"

Letter to Vera Zassoulich: on Russian peasants