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The political philosophy pages are under construction!   (Last update April 2010).


It is planned that eventually there will be notes on the political philosophers and topics listed below.


Names in bold indicate notes are written up, and hyperlinks are included.


Teaching order on my WEA course(s) will be similar to the numerical order, but in some weeks more than one topic will be covered.


(a) Numerical order.


Part One:


pp1: Introduction to Part One              link  

pp2: Plato                                                 link

pp3: Aristotle                                           link

pp4: Augustine & Aquinas                    link

pp5: More & Utopianism                       link

pp6: Luther & Calvin                             link

pp7: Machiavelli                                      link

pp8: Hobbes                                             link

pp9: Locke                                               link

pp10: Rousseau                                       link

pp11: Tom Paine, Edmund Burke        link 


Part Two (being written!):


pp12: Introduction to Part Two                                  link

pp13: Liberalism (Adam Smith to Rawls)                  link (Adam Smith)     

                                                                                      link (John Rawls)

pp14: Utilitarianism                                                     link

pp15: Socialism before Marx                                      link

pp16: Marx                                                                   link (overview) 

                                                                                      link (Marx extracts)

                                                                                      link (evolution of Marx's thought)  

                                                                                      link: Marxism, Religion, Modernity

pp17: Socialism since Marx (Part 1)

              (Marxism and Revisionism, including

              ‘critical theory’, Gramsci and Lukacs)          link

pp17: Socialism since Marx part 2 (New Left,

         Labour and New Labour, the ‘third way’)         to be completed

pp18: Kropotkin and Anarchism                                 link

pp19: Conservatism                                                     link (Part i: Introduction, Burke and Hegel) 

                                                                                      link (Part ii: Oakeshott and Nozick)

                                                                                      link (Part iii: Thatcherism)  

                                                                                      link (Part iv: Hayek, liberal conservatism, new right economics)

pp20: Existentialism                                                    link      

pp21: Feminism                                                           link (feminism introduction)  

                                                                                      link (Simone de Beauvoir)  

                                                                                      link (extracts)  

                                                                                      link (inequality)      

                                                                                      link (feminism today)

pp22: Environmentalism

                             and alternative worldviews             to be completed

pp23: Post-modernism etc                                           link


(b) Alphabetical Order:


Anarchism (Kropotkin)                            pp18           link

Aquinas (& Augustine)                             pp4             link  

Aristotle                                                     pp3             link

Augustine (& Aquinas)                             pp4             link

Bernstein                                                   pp17           link

Burke                                                         pp11           link

Conservatism (Hegel, Hayek,

                Nozick, Oakeshott,

                 Thatcherism)                            pp19           link (Part i:Burke and Hegel) 

                                                                                       link (Part ii:Oakeshott and Nozick)

                                                                                       link (Part iii: Thatcherism)  

                                                                                       link (Part iv: Hayek, liberal conservatism, new right economics)


Crosland                                                    pp17           link

Environmentalism                                     pp22           tbc

Existentialism                                           pp20           link

Feminism                                                   pp21           link (introduction)

                                                                                       link (de Beauvoir)               

                                                                                       link (Inequality - statistics and facts) 

                                                                                       link (extracts from feminists)     

                                                                                       link (feminism today)


Gramsci (brief notes)                                pp17           link

Hayek                                                         pp19           link

Hegel                                                          pp19           link (Burke and Hegel)

Hobbes                                                       pp8             link

Kropotkin                                                  pp18           link  

Labour Party                                              pp17 Part 2 tbc

Liberalism                                                 pp13           link (Adam Smith)     

                                                                                       link (John Rawls)                         

Locke and liberalism                                 pp9             link

Lukacs (brief notes)                                  pp17           link

Luther, Calvin                                           pp6             link

Machiavelli                                                pp7             link

Marx                                                          pp16          link  

Marxism (followers of Marx)                  pp17           link

More, Thomas                                           pp5             link

New Labour                                              pp17 Part 2 tbc

Nozick, Robert                                          pp19           link (Oakeshott and Nozick)

Oakeshott, Michael                                   pp19           link (Oakeshott and Nozick)

Paine, Tom                                                pp11           link

Plato and Greek thought                           pp2             link

Political Philosophy Intro.                       pp1             link

Karl Popper                                               pp19?         tbc

Postmodernism                                         pp23           link 

John Rawls                                                pp13           link

Rousseau                                                   pp10           link

Socialism before Marx (Robert Owen)   pp15           link

Socialism since Marx

(i) Social Democracy (Bernstein,

                                                  Crosland) pp17           link

(ii) Labour & New Labour                       pp17 Part 2 tbc

Utilitarianism                                            pp14           link